iM3 Surgical Suture - 5.0

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iM3 Surgical Suture - 5.0

Monofilament Poliglecaprone 25. Sterile Synthetic Absorbable Surgical Suture.

19 mm, 3/8 Circle Cutting

Colour: Undyed Clear
Quantity: 12 Units


  • Excellent tensile strength with improved handling
  • Minimal, less reactive scar with optimal cosmesis
  • Minimal tissue reaction with predictable absorption rate
  • Smooth knot tie-down with excellent knot security
  • Excellent support during critical wound healing period

Poliglecaprone 25 is the material of choice across specialties for subcuticular closure. iM3 sutures provide wound support upto 14 days and gets absorbed by hydrolysis (within 90 days of implantation).

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