Veterinary Generators

Veterinary dental generators, specifically designed to achieve the angles needed in small animal dentistry.

Take the challenge out of bisecting angles with the Revolution's unique ball joint.

iM3 x-ray generator

The iM3 Revolution 4DC X-Ray Generator features the latest technology, including a revolutionary full-swivel ball joint that allows the tube head to revolve freely around the sphere. 


This feature enables the tube head to achieve practically any position, making it easier to acquire high-quality images of hard-to-reach areas.

iM3 ball generator

Additionally, the iM3 Revolution 4DC X-Ray Generator comes with an automatic touch-sensitive lock-on/lock-off device that enables effortless repositioning of the tube head between exposures.


This feature allows veterinarians and nurses to focus on patient care instead of worrying about cumbersome equipment.

Moreover, the iM3 Revolution 4DC X-Ray Generator comes with a handheld wireless control that allows veterinarians to program the unit from anywhere in the surgery. The unit also has a full range of intuitive exposure scenarios designed to make correct X-ray acquisition simple.


The Revolution 4DC automatically defines the correct exposure by selecting the region of interest, making it easier for veterinarians to acquire the images they need.

revolution generator remote

See the iM3 Revolution in action!

The iM3 Revolution 4DC X-Ray Generator also features lightweight, solid arms made of extruded aluminium with an integrated self-balancing system. This system reduces any risk of tube head vibration during image acquisition, ensuring that images are crisp and clear.


Thanks to their great installation versatility and multiple arm lengths available, the iM3 generators can be tailored to suit any practice’s space. Wall mounting, trolley and fixed floor stand options can all be discussed with your local iM3 representative.

full x-ray generator for vets

iM3 also offers hand held as well as tradional hinge style x-ray generators. View full range of iM3 X-ray generators here.