Diamond Burs

Assorted Diamond Set

(standard length) - 5 pack

iM3 medium grit (blue band) diamond bur set featuring precision European made diamond burs. Suitable for use in any high speed dental handpiece.
The set consists of one each of sizes 4, 6 and 8 plain round burs, one round end taper bur and one football bur.

Round Diamond

Round diamond burs are suitable for pulpotomies, endo access, cavities, removing bone.

Flat End Diamond

Useful for reducing or removing crowns, reshaping teeth, smoothing and preparing cavity walls.

Flame Diamond

Safe-end flame shaped diamond #8861 can be used for sub-gingival curettage (removes necrotic sulcus lining) can remove sub-gingival calclus for initial root planing.

Football Diamond

Football shaped bur ideal for smoothing bone.

Conical Diamond

Fine Grit Diamond Conica Round Burs.

Egg Diamond

Egg shaped bur ideal for smoothing bone.

Other Diamond Burs

This includes Inverted Cone, Torpedo and more Med Grit diamond burs.

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