Veterinary X-ray Solutions

Cats and dogs are their own worst enemies as they hide their dental pain. Dental x-ray is a visual way of conveying to the owner their pet’s discomfort and will also effectively demonstrate asymptomatic pathology that may require treatment. 

The teeth might present with no abnormal findings on the surface but an x-ray reveals abscesses, resorption or ankylosis. Intra-oral radiographs have revealed underlying pathology in 27.8% of dogs and 41.7% of cats.*

Finding more pathology and planning treatment will confirm your role as a caring, effective veterinary professional. With iM3 Dental X-ray Solutions we can help you with the products, knowledge and the strategy to introduce and maximise the use of veterinary dental x-ray in your practice.

iM3 six image x-ray

Veterinary dental x-rays have often been overlooked due to their historically difficult and time-consuming nature. However, iM3's dental x-ray solution revolutionizes this process, making it fast, efficient, and easy for all veterinary staff, regardless of their experience.


Veterinary dental generators, specifically designed to achieve the angles needed in small animal dentistry.


Simple and efficient six x-ray approach using high-resolution, veterinary sized image plates.


Superior image quality and faster workflow with the largest range of veterinary image plates on the market.


iM3 Vet-Exam Pro, a user-friendly veterinary software, incorporates new innovations.


Integrating dentistry into the practice workflow is as crucial as having the right equipment.

*Verstraete FY et al. Diagnostic value of full-mouth radiography in cats. Am J vet res 1998; 59(6)