Veterinary CR & DR

Veterinary CR & DR

Superior image quality and faster workflow with the largest range of veterinary image plates on the market.

Only iM3 have a size 5 image plate, human dental systems typically only go as large as size 4C.

The iM3 CR 7 and CR 8 Vet X-ray systems are among the most advanced imaging systems available in the market. These systems come with software specific to veterinary dentistry and have the largest range of plate sizes available, making them ideal for use in small cats and large dogs.

iM3 CR 7 2.0 VET Image Plate Scanner is offering pioneering AI functions, easier workflow, simultaneous scanning, standalone mode and much more!

Since 2009 the CR 7 VET has been changing the way veterinarians take dental x-rays around the world.

The iM3 CR 7 2.0 VET provides unsurpassed high-resolution dental images, fast processing time, user friendly software and the largest range of reusable flexible plate sizes for dental and small animal extremity applications.

Discover underlying pathology, increase workflow efficiency with wider clinical application only achievable with iM3’s large format size 5 high resolution dental image plates.

The CR 7 2.0 uses the newer white IPX image plates. These new plates are sturdier and feature an RFID chip that allows the CR 7 2.0 to recognise the size of plate used. Our Vet Exam Pro software is uniquely able to identify when a plate is exposed on the wrong side and warns the user. Providing peace of mind that human error won't lead to reversed images.

The RFID chips also opens the door to a new accessory, the Smart Reader VET. This optional extra is perfect for veterinary hospitals and busy practices with multiple dental stations in use at the same time. The idea is to have two or more workstations each with their own Smart Reader VET and a single CR 7 2.0. Users at separate workstations can then use their Smart Reader to assign image plates to a specific patient, when those plates are scanned the system assigns the radiograph to the correct patient. A game changer in terms of workflow.

The iM3 CR 8 Vet, the latest addition to the iM3 X-ray solution, is a real game-changer when it comes to the speed of CR scanners. With its two-slot scanning design, it offers an even faster workflow than ever before.


It provides parallel scanning for fast sequential scanning of imaging plates and has the highest resolution of 40 LP/mm theoretical, with 25 LP/mm actual. Adjustable resolutions allow for fast scanning times, and up to four size 2 image plates can be read in as little as 25 seconds.


It is specifically developed for use in large veterinary practices and dental clinics, and its high resolution glass touch display and patented PCS technology offer excellent image quality. The iM3 CR 8 Vet scans high resolution intra-oral plates in sizes 0 to 6, ensuring the highest levels of detail.

" I have used a number of DR systems in the past, both in veterinary and human practice (Schick, Sirona, Kodak and Genoray), but I would have to say that the results and image quality that I am getting with the iM3 CR 7 Vet is the best so far.
The advantages of the CR 7 Vet over other DR systems when used in the veterinary environment include a unique range of plate sizes from 0 up to size 5, which covers all pets from small tp large. There is even an intra-oral plate for rabbits."

iM3 Plates are the largest range of plate shapes available to the Veterinary Dental market, and are for use specifically on iM3's CR 7 and CR 8 scanners. Size 5 intra oral image plates are a must for canine dentistry and are exclusive to iM3. Full mouth overviews are possible in a large dog in only 6 images using a Size 5 CR image plate, only available for iM3 CR 7 and CR 8 Vet.

iM3 also offers R3 plates for rabbits and rodents. R3 plates are available for both iM3 CR 7 and CR 8 scanners, making them the only scanners worldwide with a specific image plate for Rabbits.


The CR 8 also introduces size 6 image plates, with great potential for long snouted dogs and extremities, but also more opportunities and options when imaging small exotics.

Only at iM3 can you find the complete range of Veterinary Dental image plates, in true and accurate sizes. Others claim our sizes but their plates are actually smaller.

Introducing iM3 CR 8 VET developer!

The iM3 CR 7 and CR 8 Vet X-ray systems are precision-made by German manufacturers, come with a two-year warranty, and can be networked across 10 PCs in the practice, with iM3 technical support provided. These systems use iM3 plates, the largest range of plate shapes available in the veterinary dental market.

Both the iM3 CR 7 and CR 8 come with Vet-Exam Pro software, providing superior image processing and manipulation. The new Vet Exam Pro is fully DICOM compliant, ensuring easy export of data.

iM3's DR sensors are the perfect addition to the x-ray solution, the large sensor Y (Size 4) is a game changer for veterinary endodontics. The DR sensor ensures a smooth and efficient integration process, eliminating the need for additional software installations and simplifying the overall imaging setup. Veterinarians can confidently embrace this adaptable solution, enhancing their diagnostic capabilities while maintaining the convenience of their chosen dental X-ray imaging software.