ReGum-Vet Conic

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  • ReGum-Vet Conic
  • ReGum-Vet Conic
  • ReGum-Vet Conic


ReGum-Vet Conic

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ReGum-Vet™ – Dental veterinary dry scaffold for periodontal tissue regeneration

ReGum-Vet™ CONIC - 6 pieces/pack

ReGum-Vet™ for the treatment of periodontitis in pets.

  • Based on BioChange’s CellFoam™ technology, engineered for stimulating tissue growth.
  • Proven to be significantly superior to acceptable cleaning treatment.
  • Minimal risk of adverse effects.
  • Safe, resorbable, efficient dry scaffold.
  • Safe, resorbable, efficient dry scaffold.

Dr. Ana Nemec, the Primary Investigator of the clinical study: “We optimized this innovative product to best serve our canine patients and colleague veterinarians. Also, with our clinical research team, we later scientifically proved that the addition of ReGum-Vet is superior to standard open periodontal therapy alone in periodontal tissue repair in dogs with naturally occurring periodontitis.”

What is special about ReGum-Vet™?

  • Cutting-edge technology developed for advanced tissue engineering
  • Significant improvement in the gum tissue reconstruction
  • Single treatment reduces periodontal pocket depth
  • Safe and Biocompatible
  • Super easy to use:
  • Simple preparation step of dry scaffold soaking
  • Simple preparation step of dry scaffold soaking
  • Stays in site.
  • Natural and biodegradable
  • Natural and biodegradable
  • No need to remove dry scaffold
  • No long-term risks (as in permanent dry scaffolds)
  • No other drugs needed
  • Long shelf life

More details about ReGum-Vet™

ReGum-Vet™ is a regenerative dry scaffold, for the treatment of canine periodontitis. It is based on BioChange’s CellFoam™ technology, engineered for stimulating tissue growth. ReGum-Vet™ is tailored for easy implantation in the periodontal cavity during a routine cleaning procedure, without the need for a membrane. It is a ready-to-use, single piece of three-dimensional stable structure. ReGum-Vet™ is available in the form of a cone to treat a furcation, alveoli, fistulas or deep holes, and in the form of a flat dry scaffold to treat side pockets. The dry scaffold is elastic and can be adjusted more precisely by the attending veterinarian.

ReGum-Vet™ is composed of biologically crosslinked gelatin. Once the dry scaffold is soaked in saline, it regains its elastic properties and is easily placed in the tissue. In the tissue, ReGum-Vet™ provides improved healing ability to the receding gums, and leads to better results of restored tissue. It biodegrades within 3 months, leaving behind nothing but recovered healthy gum tissue.

ReGum-Vet™ has proven to be significantly superior to acceptable cleaning treatment with minimal risk of adverse effects, in a veterinary clinical study.

Frequently asked questions

    • What Is ReGum-Vet And Where Does It Come From?

ReGum-Vet is an innovative dry scaffold, it is a degradable scaffold that supports gums and bone tissue regeneration. ReGum-Vet is manufactured by BioChange.

    • How Can ReGum-Vet Help A Pet?

ReGum-Vet supports healing of the periodontal tissue attachment loss and bone loss due to periodontitis

    • What Dental Problems Is ReGum-Vet Used For?

Periodontitis advanced stages

    • What Is The Benefit Of Using ReGum-Vet In A Pet?

ReGum-Vet significantly improves the healing of the periodontal tissue, both soft and bone tissues - 100% more than comparative treatment without the dry scaffold.

    • What Can Be Expect After A Pet Receives ReGum-Vet?

Happy healthy pet A healing process with no adverse events with repaired periodontal tissue for the long term.

    • Is It Safe For A Pet & Will One See Any Side Effect From Using ReGum-Vet?

The device is safe with no side effect adverse events

    • Does ALL Veterinarian Have ReGum-Vet?

The product is available worldwide, ask your vet about it

    • Why Should A Pet Need A Yearly Dental Checkup?

Unhealthy gums are an open door for bacteria and germs to enter the bloodstream in pets and humans. If untreated, periodontal disease can have severe health implications not only on the dog's mouth but the entire body as well. Some of these health issues include eye issues, increased risk of organ damage, jaw fractures, oral cancer, oronasal fistulas, and tooth abscesses. Clinical studies also show a link between untreated periodontitis to cardio/kidney/liver disease.

    • Is There Any Special Post-Operative Care And Medications Needed With ReGum-Vet?

Only standard instructions after dental procedure

    • Does A Pet Need To Be Anesthetized To Use ReGum-Vet?

Anesthesia is standard care for dental procedures

    • Does A Pet Need Pre-Anesthetic Blood Analysis Before Using ReGum-Vet?

No need

    • What Are The Signs Of Oral Health Problems In A Pet?

The most common sign is bad breath, other symptoms can be bleeding gums, Excessive drooling, Pawing at the mouth, a mass / growth inside the mouth, broken/missing teeth

Here you can find the research paper from Jerzy Pawel Gaworøm¹, Peter Strøm² and Ana Nemec³*

Treatment of Naturally Occurring Periodontitis in Dogs with a New Bio-Absorbable Regenerative Matrix

1 Klinika Weterynaryjna Arka, Kraków, Poland, 2 Specialistdyrehospitalet, Holte, Denmark, 3 Dentistry and Oral Surgery Department, Small Animal Clinic, Veterinary Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

ReGum-Vet™ Testimonials

Feline augmentation of the alveolar socket after non-surgical and/or surgical extractions / Jerzy Gawor

Distal root got damaged because of continuous chewing behavior. Application of ReGum™ to support the dead space / Paul Theuns DAVDC

Paul Theuns DAVDC - Distal root got damaged because of continuous chewing behavior.Application of ReGum™ to support the dead space.

“CBCT images from before and 6-months after placing ReGum on my own dog's right maxillary 4th premolar tooth. I'm very pleased with the result! :-)” / Dr. Lommer Aug-2023

Ana Nemec DVM – Usage of ReGum-Vet to support gain periodontal attachment at the mesial aspect of both canine teeth

Dr Peter Haseler: “Where I have used the product I have found the material very easy to handle and the areas where the material has been applied have healed with much better results than most I have had before” [jan-2023]


Jen Matis gave a session on Flap procedure and she said: ”ReGum acts as a barrier and as a scaffold. So it can help form and go and acts as a barrier. So that is kind of a response to that is probably the exception to needing our membrane is ReGum.”


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